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Deep in the wood’s lives the Witch, alone, but busy with the things she loves.
The Witch keeps her house neat and clean for the occasional visitors
that wander through, she especially loves visits from children.
She always keeps plenty of food for hungry travelers,
although she eats very little herself.
Being alone has left the Witch time to pursue her study of the arcane and unusual.
As the Witch likes to say, "we commune with the Great Provider, she gives us the seeds of abundance,
We grow them in our gardens, we harvest it, and with it we impart justice."
...Often, a fairy tale has a way of getting in your head.
Some say the lands are cursed.
Gretel: Let's go home Hansel, it's dark and the rain has started.
Hansel: I'm hungry Gretel, I hope mother has food ready.
Gretel: ...mother?
Mother: You can't stay here, Gretel, there isn't enough room, this place is too crowded with ghosts of everything gone, hungry ghosts.
Gretel: You'd never let anything happen to us, and you'd never hurt us.
Mother: Anything would be better than watching you starve, and quicker.
Mother: Be gone!
Gretel: You'll see our faces again.
Hansel: You woke me up in the middle of a dream! It had monsters with heavy feet, but I was better than them. Gretel, when can we go back to mother?
Gretel: It's nearly dawn, and I'm tired of being drenched all the time, let's go there, we need rest.
Hunter: Empty houses attract wildlife looking for food and warmth. They make easy quarry when distracted by their own most basic needs.
Hunter: You've been turned out of your home...
Hunter: Set out to fend for yourselves, with only your clothes and your hides.
Hunter: I'll be happy to direct you to foresters. Good people, plentiful coin, and food if you can earn it.
Hunter: I'll be happy to direct you to foresters. Good people, plentiful coin, and food if you can earn it.
Gretel: What do you want from us?
Hunter: You have nothing I want or need. Kindness is its own reward.
Make for the ridge and keep west for two full days and nights. Make no fires, unless you want to be found.
Hunter: Keep to the path I've drawn for you, and you'll soon find what you’re looking for.
Hunter: Stray from the path and you can expect to meet with wolves.
Hansel: Why couldn't we have stayed where we were, with the Hunter?
Gretel: If he'd wanted children, I suspect he would have made some of his own.
Hansel: Made them? Out of what?
Gretel: Must I explain everything?
Gretel: There's nothing and nobody out there / And I'm not even here, either / So if none of us is anywhere / there's nothing to be scared of either.
Gretel: I'm so hungry.
Hansel: I’m hungrier than you are.
Gretel: Because you're a pig.
Hansel: You're a bigger pig.
Hansel: But when will we eat again?
Hansel: Looks like a mushroom.
Gretel: Yes, but they’re different, and this one might be poison, but I will ask it.
Hansel: Talking to mushrooms?
Gretel: We've been without food for too long now, we're no good at killing things, and we are thinking very seriously of having you for our supper.
Gretel: I think she said…eat me.
Hansel: SHE?
Gretel: Hansel do your hand puppet cow.
Hansel: It's a bull!
Gretel: I can do a greedy old fat man who has eaten all the food in the world, and now no one has anything.
Hansel: Everything is so beautiful.
Gretel: This can't be, we're sick and all of this is false.
Hansel: Do you smell that? It smells of cake!
Gretel: Let's knock on the door like proper children and beg whatever crumbs they might have to offer.
Hansel: I smell bacon!
Gretel: It is heaven!
Hansel: I’m going in!
Gretel: Hansel, where are you, are you OK? Hello…hello...
The Witch: And you must be the sister that I’ve heard so much about.
Gretel: We never intend to steal from you, missus. We tried knocking.
The Witch: Well please come in, have some food, and tell me how you came to be in my woods alone.
Gretel: We are in the woods alone because our mother has come upon hardship.
The Witch: Just being a mother can be a hardship.
Gretel: The table is so full, were you expecting guests?
The Witch: Eat young lady, you need to put some meat on your bones.
The Witch: Milk, too. Good for bones.
Gretel: Thank you, but really, we are just stopping briefly and must be on our way.
The Witch: No, eat and rest, beds have already been made up for you.
The Witch: Now rest, I've got big plans for you tomorrow.
Gretel: My eyes were too big for my stomach.
Hansel: And your mouth is too big for your mouth.
The Witch: Typically, I am not in the habit of employing children, but in this case, it does seem a fair trade.
Gretel: Only until we set off again to find ourselves something more permanent.
Hansel: I want to work with the foresters.
The Witch: Well then, let’s put you to work.
The Witch: You can cut down some of these small trees, they have become overgrown and bothersome.
Hansel: Just like a forester!
Gretel: look, what is that?
Gretel: I wonder if other children have been here before us, and where they are.
Hansel: The old lady is gone, we are here alone.
Gretel: Something is off, there’s too much here and it isn’t right. Where are the animals? From where does she draw milk? And where does she get her endless parade of cakes?
Gretel: I think we better go back to the house now Hansel.
Gretel: But how did it…?
The Witch: Think less my pretty and know more – you are the master…touch it.
Gretel: Oh, I like this feeling.
The Witch: We are our fate's own masters.
Hansel: What do you do with her all day?
Gretel: She teaches me things that could save my life, things that could make my life.
Hansel: And what about my life, isn’t it worth anything anymore?
Gretel: Where's Hansel?
The Witch: Why do you care you are not his mother?
Gretel: I'm going to search for my brother.
The Witch: Be careful of what you might find.
Gretel: Hello…who’s there? Please answer me.
Gretel: BROTHER, it's you! Hansel, hear me, I know you are in there, I'm going to get you out.
Gretel: Grab my hand brother, let's leave this place!
The Witch: Your little bother is with me now, he is not going anywhere. All that's left is to make him delicious.
Gretel: Do whatever you want with me, but only if you free him, he is all I have in this world.
The Witch: we have been given the same gifts, the same magic, we are made from the same matter.
Gretel: We are not, I am nothing like you!
Gretel: I have become stronger than you can possibly imagine...
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